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The board game being sold
All the pieces of the game
Box Artwork
Bottom of the box artwork
A piece for the game



a piece for the game




This is the classroom. Student will pass notes from desk to desk, using dry erase markers. Teachers will track the notes using their chalkboard.


High quality components for an immersive experience!

Student cards in the game
All the pieces of the game

This game is for...

Hidden Movement Fans

This game flips traditional hidden movement on its head. One person is seeking, everyone else is trying to evade capture.

Nostalgic Adults

Chalkboards, composition notebooks, crumpled paper, pencil doodles and more! The components strive to take you back to a different time in your life.

Boardgame Families

Family friendly! Paper Trail is a theme everybody can enjoy. Younger players will have a blast if they learn with the family.

Medium Weight Gamers

Not too simple, not too complex! Paper Trail mixes intuitive gameplay with longterm strategy.

Teachers love it!

Give it as a gift!

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